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About JobsFirstNYC


Current systems to improve the livelihoods of young adults are fragmented and slow to respond to today’s rapidly changing economy and increased demand for skilled labor. Transforming these systems requires an unconventional approach based on intentional and inclusive collaboration.

JobsFirstNYC creates and advances solutions that break down barriers and transform the systems supporting young adults and their communities in the pursuit of economic opportunities. Together with our partners, we embrace a collaborative 5-step process to identify challenges, incubate solutions, and advance what works.

Our Values

People First

Humans – and their potential – are both the focus of our work and the source of our solutions.

Bold Ideas

Breakthrough change won’t come from doing what we’ve done before.

Collective Genius

We can do more together than we can apart.

Informed Objectivity

We set aside agendas, listen before we act, and focus on results.

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Our Investors

JobsFirstNYC relies on investments from individuals, businesses, and foundations to support our innovative partnerships.

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Our History

In early 2006, the New York City Workforce Funders Group, and the Clark  Tiger Foundation, with assistance from Public/Private Ventures, laid the groundwork for an organization designed to focus attention and resources on the seemingly intractable crisis of disengaged young adults (18-24 years old). Citing the success of intermediaries in fields such as community development and public education, the business plan prepared by David La Greca found that New York City contained no neutral, independent, organizing mechanism to bridge the public/private divide, promote more effective investment, encourage employer involvement, improve provider quality, identify and spread best practices, or drive out underperforming programs. No “market maker” existed to rationalize what is an irrational, disjointed, and too often mediocre system. JobsFirstNYC emerged to play this role.

No “market maker” existed to rationalize what is an irrational, disjointed, and too often mediocre system. JobsFirstNYC emerged to play this role.

Our Strategy

JobsFirstNYC 2019-2020 Annual Report

If we have learned anything from the Great Recession and its accompanying recovery efforts just a decade ago, it’s that young adult generations that enter...

JobsFirstNYC Annual Report 2017-2018

The past two years were filled with new learning and impact. JobsFirstNYC’s mission is to leverage all available community, corporate, human, organization, private and public...

JobsFirstNYC Logic Model, 2012-2017

Commensurate with its mission, JobsFirstNYC has a strategic goal of reducing the number of out-of-work and out-of-school young adults between 18 and 24 years of...

JobsFirstNYC Strategic Plan, 2012-2017

Approved by the JobsFirstNYC board of directors on January 24, 2012, this document represents the culmination of a strategic planning process that codified the organization's...

JobsFirstNYC Foundational Documents

By the mid-2000s, growing recognition of the magnitude of the out-of-school, out-of-work young adult crisis in New York City sparked the publication of several groundbreaking...