Deneisha ThompsonCommunity Advisor

Deneisha Thompson is JobsFirstNYC’s community solutions advisor. A social-worker-turned-entrepreneur and consultant, she specializes in change management, partnership development, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). Deneisha began her career working in the area of adult education at Hofstra University. She then transitioned into the nonprofit sector, where she took on a variety of direct service, clinical, management, and leadership roles for programs servicing challenging populations, such as people with substance use disorders and mental illness, homeless individuals and families, and people living with HIV/AIDS. More recently, Deneisha has been providing facilitation, consulting services, and professional development to educational, government, and nonprofit institutions. She is also an adjunct professor at Metropolitan College of New York and has taught undergraduate courses such as Statistics for Groups, Critical Thinking, Community Psychology and Values & Ethics. Deneisha holds a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees from Hofstra University.