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Innovations in the Field: Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project

Innovations in the Field is a series examining programs supported by JobsFirstNYC that serve both employers seeking job-ready workers and young adults in New York City looking to access employment and training opportunities. These programs are innovative in two respects: how workforce providers engage as partners with employers, and how providers collaborate rather than compete with one another. They illustrate best practices in young adult workforce development and address service gaps, on both the demand side and the supply side, that otherwise might deter many young adults from entering career-track work.

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The Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project (YASEP) is a collaborative initiative supported by JobsFirstNYC creating demand-focused workforce services for young adults. Partnerships fostered and supported by YASEP will serve young adults across New York City, many of whom live in neighborhoods with the highest numbers of out-of-school, out-of-work young adults.

YASEP utilizes a comprehensive and collaborative approach that enables “longer runways and stronger pipelines”—in other words, enough time and preparation for young adults to master the competencies necessary for success in the workplace, and sufficient employer input to ensure that participants who complete training programs are ready to contribute from their first day on the job.

The partnerships of YASEP work together as a learning community to create sector-based, innovative workforce strategies. The Learning Community has provided partnerships with the structure and support necessary to create opportunities to jointly engage with the deeper issues of their work, identifying potential challenges and working collaboratively to develop solutions.

This report details YASEP’s development, highlighting themes and findings that emerged in the Learning Community.

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