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NYC to See Spike in Low-Skill Jobs

Next City | by Matt Bevilacqua


While the national unemployment rate remained relatively consistent last month, New York City may see an ample 26,000 jobs open annually over the next decade, according to a report released today by the Center for an Urban Future.

The Manhattan-based think tank has identified 26 occupations, most of them entry-level, that could potentially provide opportunities for younger New Yorkers with limited education and experience: The people who have traditionally had the hardest time finding employment.

You won’t find the most glamorous jobs in the world listed in the report — meter reader, bank teller and bill collector are all included — but in an economy where competition can be so fierce that college graduates often need three interviews to get hired as a barista, this small profusion of openings in certain fields could provide a breath of fresh air for job seekers.

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