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Our Process

We embrace a collaborative 5-step process designed to identify challenges, incubate new solutions, and advance what works.

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We listen and learn first.

By conducting research and gathering input from diverse perspectives across communities and systems, we identify existing challenges.

Key activities:

  • Convene stakeholders to explore and define problems
  • Assess programs, policies and resource needs
  • Conduct baseline data analysis
  • Explore labor market conditions, market demands, and economic opportunities
  • Identify opportunities for greater coordination
  • Conduct supplementary research and analysis

We ideate community-inspired solutions.

Knowing that transformative change is sparked by bold ideas, and that the most promising ideas come from groups with diverse experiences, we bring communities and stakeholders together to imagine new and improved solutions.

Key activities:

  • Explore solution-oriented ideas in partnership with communities
  • Gather local and national ideas and practice
  • Draft working frameworks and strategy papers
  • Engage philanthropic partners and city government officials
  • Host public convenings engaging diverse stakeholders to solicit broad feedback
  • Facilitate strategy sessions and site visits with stakeholders
  • Align and define approaches
  • Identify and engage key additional stakeholders

We grow ideas into an outcome-driven action plan.

Developing new solutions requires collective effort, so we work together we evolve ideas into a tangible plan that advances our change process.

Key activities:

  • Facilitate “learning community” sessions
  • Assess and identify resources
  • Identify partners and other key stakeholders
  • Define roles and shared measurements for success
  • Identify capacity and professional development needs
  • Create detailed, goal-oriented action plans that include a theory of change, service delivery model, partnership and governance structure, and expected outcomes
  • Determine data management capacity and conduct analysis of internal metrics

We launch and continuously refine new ways of working together.

With a plan in place, we support the implementation of new practices, programs, and partnerships. Along the way, we assess and adjust our strategy, always focusing on results.

Key activities:

  • Support partners in operationalizing work plans and strategies
  • Facilitate learning communities, technical support, and professional development
  • Host “investment opportunity” briefings to highlight model and approach
  • Document and share lessons learned from initial phases of the program or partnership
  • Engage government partners in providing direct and indirect support
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the program or partnership

We evaluate our performance, assess what’s next, and advance what works.

After our action plan has been executed, we evaluate the broader impacts of the model and document and share insights with the field to inform future solutions.

Key activities:

  • Publish lessons learned and insights
  • Publish policy briefs articulating detailed plans for advancing what works
  • Hold stakeholder briefings and public convenings
  • Secure media coverage highlighting the work
  • Launch advocacy campaigns to scale up successful models and lessons

Our process is driven by our core values:

People First

Humans – and their potential – are both the focus of our work and the source of our solutions.

Bold Ideas

Breakthrough change won’t come from doing what we’ve done before.

Collective Genius

We can do more together than we can do apart.

Informed Objectivity

We set aside agendas, listen before we act, and focus on results.

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