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Research & Learning

Our process and solutions are fueled by objective research, continuous learning, and intentional sharing with the broader field.

Our research and learning seek to increase the field’s understanding of the challenges it faces and uncover opportunities for deeper investigation and analysis. By sharing best practices and lessons learned, we work to change thinking, influence mainstream discourse, and accelerate impact.

May 1, 2013
Barriers to Entry: The Increasing Challenges Faced by Young Adults in the New York City Labor Market

JobsFirstNYC commissioned and contributed to this study of how young adults aged 18 to 24 are faring in the New York City labor market. It...

June 10, 2012
How Community-Based Organizations Can Learn about the Needs and Strengths of Disconnected Young People

Authors: Ben Daniels, Wendy McClanahan and Danijela Korom Djakovic This P/PV case study describes the process Hudson Guild employed to learn more about the disconnected...

June 7, 2012
Understanding Interim Progress Milestones in Young Adult-Serving Workforce Development Programs

The report was made possible by funding from the NYC Workforce Funders Group and JobsFirstNYC, including a project-specific grant from the William T. Grant Foundation....

June 7, 2012
Going Beyond the Bottom Line: Employer Perspectives on the Young Adult Workforce Development System in New York City

For this report, JobsFirstNYC identified an as-yet-unexploited opportunity: to develop new and creative ways to engage employers by better meeting their hiring needs. Recognizing that...

January 24, 2012
JobsFirstNYC Strategic Plan, 2012-2017

Approved by the JobsFirstNYC board of directors on January 24, 2012, this document represents the culmination of a strategic planning process that codified the organization's...

January 24, 2012
JobsFirstNYC Foundational Documents

By the mid-2000s, growing recognition of the magnitude of the out-of-school, out-of-work young adult crisis in New York City sparked the publication of several groundbreaking...

September 1, 2008
Disconnected Young People in New York City: Crisis and Opportunity

Authors: Laura Wyckoff, Siobhan M. Cooney, Danijela Korom Djakovic and Wendy S. McClanahan This P/PV brief presents the overall population of disconnected young people and...