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Together with more than 160 partners, we create and advance bold solutions that break down silos and transform the systems supporting young adults and their communities in their pursuit of economic opportunities.

JobsFirstNYC's Impact Framework

Our impact begins with partners committing to an inclusive change process; continues with the development of new solutions leading to tangible outcomes for young adults, their communities, and our partners who serve them; and multiplies through the scale of proven practices and policies across systems.


For each of our solutions, we track and measure the impact of our work across four levels:

1. People

Are more people accessing economic opportunity and achieving economic mobility?

2. Institutions

How have individual institutions–such as community-based organizations, community colleges, or employers–transformed their own thinking and practice?

3. Partnerships

How has our collective infrastructure strengthened to increase the number and quality of economic opportunities for young adults and their communities?

4. Systems

How have new partnership models increased the number and quality of economic opportunities for young adults and their communities?

Together, our impact across these four levels drives us toward our broader goals for each area of our work: 


Improve leaky educational pipelines and build equitable pathways to postsecondary education and career opportunities.

Read more about JobsFirstNYC’s education initiatives: the Bronx Opportunity Network and the Transfer 2 Career Collaborative.


Create localized solutions that respond to the unique needs of neighborhood communities with high numbers of young adults who are out of school and out of work.

Learn more about JobsFirstNYC’s community-driven, place-based initiatives: Lower East Side Employment Network, Youth WINS, Jerome Ave Revitalization Collaborative, and YES Bed Stuy.


Increase public investment in the education and workforce development systems across New York City and New York State and break down policy barriers faced by out-of-school, out-of-work young adults and their communities.

Learn more about JobsFirstNYC’s policy initiatives.


Identify, design, and advance practices and policies that achieve better outcomes for employers and workers. This includes developing solutions to improve labor force participation among young adults, as well as strengthening partnerships with employers to improve practices around hiring, training, and retaining workers.

Learn more about JobsFirstNYC’s employer-centered initiatives: Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project, Seasonal Talent Exchange, and CareerLift.

JobsFirstNYC was one of the first organizations of its kind to set a clear numerical goal, as articulated in our 2012-2017 Strategic Plan and accompanying Logic Model, and to develop an outcomes framework based on that goal: JobsFirstNYC Results Framework: Evaluating Our Efforts Based on What We Achieve. This outcomes framework, combined with new insights from our Barriers to Entry report, provides the foundation from which we have built the next iteration of our Impact Framework.

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